feature documentary

filming 2021


The outskirts of almost every North American city has a transition zone between rural and urban, often known as a Green Belt. Abandoned farm houses, fallow fields and dilapidated barns share the landscape with super highways, power lines and construction sites.


People who live in the Green Belt, or whose lives are centred here, have strong ties to the changing geography. They're farmers, developers, builders, artists, entrepeneurs, historians and impoverished families searching for an affordable place to put down roots.


By spending time with a diverse group of people in the Green Belt, the film examines a pervasive and nebulous social metamorphisis - the transformation in North America from a rural based society to an urban one. It's probably the most significant social and cultural change in the last half century, and it continues to happen all around us, but it's something that is easily overlooked.


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