louisianaLouisiana Fence Line

Thousands of rural people are exposed to outrageous levels of toxic chemicals in what is notoriously known as "Cancer Alley" Louisiana. The residents of a small trailer park find out their drinking water is contaminated and decide to fight back. Fiery activist Albertha Hasten leads the way. The little community warily accepts the support of Greenpeace and a busload of celebrities but with disappointing results.

U.S. national broadcast by Free Speech TV. Nominated for Best Nature/Environment Documentary at Yorkton Film and Video Festival, Yorkton, Saskatchewan. (48 min.)



red-bull-thumbIce Cross

A short documentary profiling ice cross competitor Jacqueline Legere leading up to the 2014 world championship in Quebec City. (11 min.)


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ihk-2Inuit High Kick

This short film is a dramatic representation of an athlete performing the traditional high kick in super-slow motion. The high kick is an ancient celebration of Inuit culture and the film is a stunning demonstration of timeless athleticism. Released in February 2010 as part of the cultural celebrations at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Produced by Inuit Communications (ICSL), Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Producer and concept by Mark Hamilton. Directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril. (2.5 min.)

gearsWork In Progress 1

The development of agricultural land in North America. (clip)

elders-series-posterNunavut Elders Series

Life on the land was given up in the 1950s and 60s. Today's elders lived through the difficult beginnings of community life, witnessed the coming of modern communications and air travel and participated in the creation of Nunavut. Now they are seeing the young people of Nunavut take their place in the global village. Each program tells the story of one elder and his or her relationship with one other person - a younger family member, a protégé, or someone close to the family. The dramatic lives of the elders are retold – stories that are sometimes peaceful and glorious and sometimes difficult and brutal.

Produced by Inuit Communications (ICSL) in association with APTN. (6 x 30 min.)

d&gDignity and Grace

In the shadow of the urban giant Toronto, the people of a small farm community unite to stage a mammoth community play. Through the play they celebrate their collective history, confront issues about unsustainable urban development and strengthen community ties.

Produced in association with TV Ontario. Producers/Directors - Mark Hamilton and Charlie Fox. (50 min.)

gearsWork In Progress 2

Stories from monument-makers Peter and Bernice Pew. Oliphant, Ontario. (clip)